The Bargath Quandry

Chapter 1 Scene 5 The King is What?!?!?!?

The meetings were over and the next morning had dawned. The closing ceremony was just beginning in the amphitheater when the sounds of horns and of some men fighting with swords was heard. The theater emptied but the Regents with the leaders of the industrialization movement and Kai Cuez (Forester) stayed behind to access the situation.

On the horizon many ships were coming to the island and some had already made landfall. They all proudly displayed the banner of King Ergon “The Splendid” Bargath. The horns were brass in nature and were blowing the traditional “Lay down your arms” call. The sounds of battle were not in the air, just the sounds of some rabble not responding correctly. The Regents ordered that their horns should blow the same message so as to not incite a riot with all of the middle and upper nobility being killed in the middle of no where. The wooden horns of the West could be heard as could the hollowed mountain ram’s horns of the North. Everyone was calling for peace.

At this point Varin Ravenswood asked Thorin “Icy Heart” Barenhess and Kaimen Kaiden if it would be appropriate for him with Collin Fairweather as an honor guard could parlay with the men from the king. They agreed and Kai Cuez (Forester) asked if he could serve the West as Varin was serving the North. It was agreed and the small band went out flying the banners of the North and West and also a white flag.

They were greeted by none other than High Lord Helmian who was the one that hand wrote the “or else” message on the Bargathian Degree. Someone in the North or West or both had sent a raven to Bargath to inform him of this meeting and Bargath has responded in turn. It was now up to Varin and Kai to prevent this from being an all out war, and if possible to prevent them all from being carted off in chains.

The meeting was held and after some fast talking High Lord Helmian wished to speak with this group and the Regents in Thorin’s tent. That meeting went well as the letter was given to High Lord Helmian to show that they were still obedient but had a request of the King that could be granted or denied. Varin went to great lengths to show that it is the Regent’s job to manage any complaints from the High Born and it is the High Born’s job to do the same with the Low Born. Since this degree was unprecedented the Regents thought it wise to just have a meeting instead of letting rumor and fear take over people.

High Lord Helmian was ready to leave with just the Regents accompanying him back to the capital on their own ships and with their own men to talk to the King about this letter, when Kai Cuez (Forester) mentioned that he had something to bring up that the High Lord Helmian didn’t know about. Kai was escorted outside with one of Helmian’s advisers to get his story.

At this point Collin Fairweather knew that he had to give his side of the industrialization story or he and Varin and others would be visiting the capital in chains. He told Helmian the plan and functionally all of it. Then Kai was brought back in and his story wasn’t as full as Collin’s story. Kai had left out some key figures and in so doing became less trustworthy in Helmian’s eyes. He then asked that Collin and Varin join their regents in their own ships with their own servants to see Bargath in the capital, but Helmian wanted them to meet with the minister of finance first and gain support from the remaining advisers before approaching King Bargath on this issue. Varin got the feeling that Helmian did’t approve of many of the King’s decisions.

After arriving in the capital a strange man asked to speak to Collin and Varin. His name is Securis Querk and he revealed that he knew much of Collin’s and Varin’s lives. He also showed them the original piece of paper they pulled off of the Sergeant’s body. Collin tried to deny he knew what it said or the language it was in but Securis stated he knew about their conversation with Thorin and even quoted part of it. That meeting was in secret with just the three of them they thought.

Securis then stated that it was he that gave the Sergeant that letter and wrote out something in the common tongue and there was no mistaking that he had written the cryptic note either. The note stated “Strike now! He is weak.”

Securis revealed the plan was for the Sergeant to move 200 – 300 people into the tip of the North and once settled they would allow 12 stout warriors to move by boat to a river outlet where they would then travel by boat with the Sergeant’s men up stream so they could arrive in the capital and kill the King and his son. But Varin and Collin screwed that up but he was willing to give them a second chance because their industrialization idea had money making merit. Securis was a Westerner who took his money from being a mercenary and bought a modest tavern in the capital – years later he has turned that tavern into 16 taverns each specializing in something different: Food, sex, entertainment, etc.

After talking to Varin alone he granted three favors: 1) An open window 6 stories above the floor leading into the Kings chamber, 2) No one in the chamber in 3 nights time, and 3) A small vial of poison that smelled awful but works quickly.

After speaking to Collin he promised that he could get Collin in makeup to appear to be someone else, a guard uniform and 30 min alone with the prince. Collin would then make the child appear to be sleeping to be found later and Securis promised Collin a way out of the walled area and to safety with a side gate that would be unlocked.

Securis also stated that Lord Helmian was thrown in jail for bringing Varin and Collin to the capital by the King and that the Lord of Finance had been killed for favorably pitching their idea to the King. With that knowledge Collin was able to verify through the Western Regent that indeed both had gone missing the day after Collin and Varin had met with them. Also the next morning both Varin and Collin received a special invite to see the King. This would be a meeting the morning after Varin had asked for an open window.

The next several days Varin was sick in bed with only one visitor on the third day who delivered a small package for Varin alone. Varin was seen very very sick and infirm but didn’t want a doctor.

Kaimen Kaiden advised Collin to flee the king but to knock him out on the way out so that he would be killed as well.

The night before their meeting with the King everyone’s plan went off without a hitch and the next morning Collin and Varin were met with the ringing of every bell in the city. High Lord Helmian was seen on a balcony announcing that the King and Prince were found dead and that all Regents were summoned to the capital at once. Helmian looked very sickly and thin in the appearance. Varin was still sick in bed when the news reached him and Collin was with Kaimen Kaiden.

The King is dead, long live the ….. Wait who will be King now?


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