The Bargath Quandry

Chapter 1 Scene 3 - The Meeting Part 2

The meeting was then split into guilds to discuss the appropriate questions and Collin Fairweather’s father ran the show with the Foresting Guild. This upset the leader of the Guild, Kai Cuez (Forester), and dropped his status thereafter in the guild and in his seating in the amphitheater.

The Miner Guild’s discussion was led by Silvus Elinus (Miner) who was already a supporter of the industrialization idea and led the conversation about what to do with Bargath’s Degree in that direction.

When everyone was brought back together the next day the choice was clear: the black rock would be viewed as open rebellion with the hope that Bargath couldn’t fight a war on two fronts and maybe three if the Southern’s would join the cause, or the white rock would be to be loyal and obedient as the gods have decreed a king so a king would be followed.

Then a third choice was presented – the grey rock, but it wasn’t defined and it was asked if anyone had a third path. Collin Fairweather was such a man. He stated that a middle ground could be given between the two. State that we were obedient subjects but that this degree would have implications politically throughout the realm and to allow those that would want the opportunity to have a chance of their daughter winning the hand of the king to try and face any consequences from those actions but if a noble house chose to not do this then let them face no consequences from the crown.

The vote was cast and tallied and the grey rock won and so that was the decision by the Northern and Western Regents. They crafted a letter which stated the above and sent it by raven to Ergon “The Splendid” Bargath and all of those in the Northern and Western Realms.

The matter of the industrialization meeting followed after the vote and while the votes were still being counted. The meeting went well but neither Varin nor Collin did a good job in expressing their thoughts and Collin’s father and Silvus Elinus (Miner) took over the speech and explanation. There were about 10% of the crowd that viewed this action as traitorous, including Kai Cuez (Forester) and they left angrily once the meeting was over.


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