The Bargath Quandry

Chapter 1: Scene 3 The Meeting Part 1

Thorin “Icy Heart” Barenhess and Kaimen Kaiden the Lord Regents of the North and West have called a meeting to talk about the letter from Ergon “The Splendid” Bargath.

The meeting took place off of an island off of the coast of the Western Lands. It was a traditional meeting place and considered neutral long long ago. Very few people lived on the island but there was a town that was setup near an amphitheater just for this purpose.

Varin Ravenswood had some issues sailing as his fear of open water took over but he managed to hide it from all but his trusted advisers and some of the crew that serve in his house.

Collin Fairweather came from his family home in the West where he went to discuss business with his father. During this time he had an epiphany about how politics and people work and also found a sense of purpose, something he was looking for his whole life and was happy to realize that it was found in the same place he started his life.

Once everyone was assembled there was jostling in the stands for a place of honor and Varin Ravenswood wasn’t happy with his station but resolved to change it.

The meeting was about whether or not the North with the West would go into open rebellion (black rock) or be obedient and send their daughters (white rock).

Also there were side meetings to discuss the idea of the North and West maintaining their quotas of raw goods but increase production for the purpose of manufacturing their own goods with this as well. The East was the center of industry in Astaria and all raw goods would go there for manufacturing into tables, chairs, bows, cloth, steel, swords, etc. There were some lesser craftsmen in other areas but the vast majority of goods came out of the East and at much more expense then the raw goods left the other areas of the country.

Varin and Collin along with others in nobility stood with them and started spreading the word about a meeting after the main meeting to discuss the economic situation.


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