The Bargath Quandry

Chapter 1: Scene 2 - The Proposal

Varin and Collin started getting Varin’s house in order:

  • Ravens were sent to his lieges to swear fealty to Varin
  • Ravens arrived from Ergon “The Splendid” Bargath with a letter for all unmarried women. The letter can be found
  • Varin’s counsel met to discuss where his two sisters were and who they were betrothed to. Both of them are involved in Bargath’s proposal, but one is betrothed to the minor noble that insulted Varin.
  • Varin and Collin met with Silvus Elinus (Miner) to discuss strengthening the economic stance of the North and the West. A plan was discussed to meet with Kaimen Kaiden and Kai Cuez (Forester) to try to bring industrialization so that the raw goods that are produced in the North and the West are not manufactured in the East and sold back to the other areas for more money. The East and Bargath work hand in hand to bleed the other areas dry, but the South has a ton of slaves so they don’t feel it as much.
  • Collin came up with a symbol that married the evergreen tree of the West with the sword of the North. These will be distributed while gathering support.
  • Silvus Elinus (Miner) stated that Thorin “Icy Heart” Barenhess and Kaimen Kaiden will be meeting soon to discuss this letter and that would be the time to gather support.


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