Securis Querk

Westerner - House Querk


Plotted to kill the King using the Sergeant to bring in a band of elite warriors – this was foiled by Varin and Collin.

Later revealed himself to be a member of the Chaosium and gave Collin and Varin the means and opportunity to kill the King and Prince.

The results of this action are still unknown.

Securis seems to be a Westerner with a slight hint of an unknown accident and seems a little too trusting. He also gave a list of establishments that he owns to Varin asking him to not trust him and make sure to not hole up in one of these establishments “just in case.”

Stated that he owns the place that owns the place that owns the place that the King gets palace guards from. Also has the power to leave certain key doors unlocked and key windows open given a couple of days notice and has spies in the Northern Regent’s household. He seems to know a lot more than he is telling.


Securis Querk

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