Welcome to the Bargath Quandry

The Bargathian family has ruled the Kingdom of Astar for almost a 1000 years, but centuries ago one of the Bargath family ruled that they needed to keep the blood line pure. This has led (like it always does) to close family incest and now the Bargathian family is on its last leg. The prince is malformed and mentally deficient. King Ergon “The Splendid” Bargath has made a rash degree as there are no more females in the Bargath line. He has ordered all unmarried noble women to the capital so he can choose a bride and honor that noble house with having a Bargathian child.

This campaign will be more focused on political intrigue in a high fantasy setting. The players will need to figure out what factions are at play, what the factions want to do and then of course which factions they will support and which they will work to hinder. No political action goes without consequences and there are no second chances.

The Bargath Quandry

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